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    Welcome to my experimental website designed specifically around the Windows 8.1 operating system's touchscreen functionality.

    This website should work effortlessly on virtually any device, browser, and O.S with a minimum 1024x768 screen resolution. It also passes the W3C CSS3.0 standard.

    There is a streamlined design planned specifically for small screen devices.

    Colours have been carefully chosen based on extensive (and exhaustive) research. See Colours (below)

    According to designers Chris Noessel and Nathan Shedroff, "Future Screens are Mostly Blue". They catalogued virtually every interface from every sci-fi movie from 1968 through 2011 (over 10,000), and determined an average colour per year.

    The colours used on this website are the results from the selected years based on their study. scifiinterfaces.com.

    Gone are the small text links, these have been replaced by a easy to touch navigation system to eliminate the frustration of miss clicking or pressing. Navigating this website should be a breeze!

    This is still in the development since the integration into the Windows 8.0 OS needs adjustment due to conflictions with Win 8 touch zones.

    Every aspect of the website has been built with performance in mind. The pages are super fast loading with every concievable optimisation technique used to decrease page load time.

    This earns it a speed rating of AA, a rating only given to 1.5% of websites tested on GTmetrix.

    Google Page Speed Grade: A 98% average = 79%
    YSlow Grade: A 92% average = 78%

    Tested on Pingdom from Amsterdam, Netherlands on May 3 at 17:58:30, this website is faster than 99% of all tested websites:

    • Page size: 62.8kb
    • Load time: 309ms
    • Requests: 13
    • Perf. grade 95/100

    Due to its heavy footprint of 82kb I am still holding out in using JQuery and opted for using custom Javascripts. Although this website is using 5 custom style sheets, one for each colour scheme, because of the unique way I have structured the stylesheet, total combined size of the style sheets is less than 4kb.

    Image sprites have been used for button images, reducing the number resources considerably.One example serves 70 images from just one source of 48kb!